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The iphone 3G receives Mail, and Calendar updates from the exchange server, but no contacts.  You can add a contact from the iphone and this gets pushed to the exchange server.  But, when you add a contact or make a change to this newly added contact, this does not get pushed back to the iphone.

Strange!!!!  We solved this difficult Microsoft 2003 Exchange & iphone issue.  Call us today for your solution:  480.440.4650


iphone 3g exchange18 Nov 2008

TechnoKOZ continues to lead the pack in solving more and more iPhone 3G exchange issues each day.   We are available 4:00 a.m. Pacific – 11:00 p.m. Pacific @ 480.440.4650 // Skype TechnoKOZ

iPhone got my tongue!

  •  Do you realize we can fix your iPhone and Exchange ActiveSync issues within one simple and short phone call?
  • Ask yourself, “Is it really worth my TIME to continue to search for the “fix” when I can have a solution within minutes?”

Is this truly good use of your time?

  • If you are typically a person who can solve 99.99% of the problems and you still cannot solve this one, We understand.  We have been there too.  But, think about your past, when was there a time where a company would solve your issues for a FLAT RATE…….and   Require no payment in advance.
  • We collect no credit information (NO BILL!) until we fix your iphone 3g Sync issue to your Microsoft Windows 2003 Exchange Server.  
  • Remember — We are iPhone ActiveSync / Exchange Experts  – we WILL get your iPhone and Exchange working correctly.

Fair price for a great solution.   

We have major companies, who are seeking our expertise.  Banking, Financial, Health care, Retail, etc.   East Coast, West Coast, Central, South, Canadian customers as well.   We are not partial to who we help either.  We have solved problems for TEN major IT firms as well.  

Microsoft Exchange - Iphone 3G Sync

Iphone 3G solutions by industries that we have solved to date:

  • Arizona (Arizona Cardinal Stadium – University of Phoenix) NFL Stadium
  • City Government (City of 29 Palms, California)
  • Government agencies
  • non profit
  • religious organizations
  • Banks / Credit Union
  • Power Companies
  • Investment firms
  • Law Firms / Attorneys
  • Computer Repair / IT Companies
  • Resorts / Hotels
  • Manufacturing
  • TV – Public Broadcasting Station (Colorado PBS)
  • Capital
  • Real Estate
  • Insurance
  • Medical
  • PEO
  • Accounting / CPA
  • Advertising
  • Printing
  • Professional Management
  • Fire District
  • Water District
  • Chemical Companies
  • Retail
  • Vegetable Packing
  • Online books
  • Timeshare
  • Automotive
  • Software Packages
  • Software Development

Follow this link to IPHONE 3G – Exchange Server – SOLUTIONS!



Do you realize TechnoKOZ is known around the world as the Iphone 3G – Microsoft Exchange Activesync setup specialists?

True statement.  You will find comments all around the web “squawking” this same theme.

If you are: 

  • Owner
  • Computer repair / IT Repair Company
  • End user
  • IT / Network Administrator
  • Person in Apple ActiveSync PAIN
We need to talk!  TechnoKOZ will see to it your iphone and exchange system is working perfectly.  Why trust GOOGLE and waste time, when a company will perform the fix for a FLAT rate fee of $175.00.
TechnoKOZ can be reached via:  480.440.4650 // or  Skype: TECHNOKOZ

Randy Dlesk the NEW “JOE the PLUMBER”.  YES, he is a small businessman in Ohio, providing top notch flooring across the US.

Yet, his iphone and exchange server were not working for over 1 month!!! WOW Batman!  Randy said he tried every option on the screen he could use.  Yet, his sync issue never went away, until he call TECHNOKOZ.

YES, another satisfied customer.  He was so impress with our response and quick fix, he wants us to work on some other technology issues as well.  Randy is a WINNER!!!!

Remember, just like Randy, you too can end the pain today.  He realized that this searching was not good use of his time.  Give us a call:  480.440.4650.  You too can be a WINNER!!

It’s TechnoKOZ.  We are the leading provider of Iphone and Exchange Repair assistance on the Internet.  We have solved not only issues in the USA, but across the world.  German, UK, France, Norway, Finland, Sweden, Australia, Canada, Mexico to name a few places. 

We continue to assist more and more Computer Repair companies / IT Solution providers as well as businesses.  We love to hear from you.  You can reach us conveniently via skype: TECHNOKOZ or by phone: 480.440.4650.

We will be open again this weekend, too.  One last thought to ponder:  The continue searches and relentless testing — Is this really worth your time?  You can be relaxing, instead of searching.

Exchange / Microsoft Iphone Repair is no easy task.  The beauty of the job is when you hear the Bling Bling of the sync.  We are proud of our winning relationships we have with our customers.  Here is some CHEER from the crowd.

OK buddy. Paid the invoice and posted a few glowing testimonials on Apple’s support page for you. Let me know if there’s any other sites you want me to post to. I’m very appreciative of your ability to quickly and efficiently take care of my issue. Quick question for ya: Now that I’ve been ‘synced’ for almost a whole day, it appears that my Exchange email does not come into the device automatically as my BlackBerry did. Is that true? I found the Push settings within the phone and it’s turned on but the email still doesn’t update until I physically click on the Inbox or hit the reload button. That’s a major drawback with the iPhone if this is true. Thanks again!! 
Sincerely, Charles J Naivar, owner

Send an email to my son josh ribbeck with your company info.   He is in the computer business in baton rouge la. And does high end computer work. I will update him on what you did. He went to leu in computer science …He used to do all of my I.t. Work.  Thanks so much…I was impressed with your computer knowledge & exchange server…etc etc  Sent from my iPhone  – Edward Ribbeck

You too can be enjoying your IPHONE this weekend.  Again, it will be no different then the last 2 months.  We will be open again this weekend for IPHONE Repair calls.   TechnoKOZ will put you back where you belong!   480.440.4650 // skype: TECHNOKOZ

The post of this blog entry says it all.  Nobody likes paying for support, but TechnoKOZ is the only TRUE solution on the net for this crazy sync issue.  There are MANY IPHONE 3G Blog Sites on the Internet discussing this ActiveSync / OMA issue.  However TechnoKOZ will resolve your issue today.  We have read many of the posts and here is our own summary to save you time and money. 

The Iphone No statements:

  • Many Iphone Blog posts on the Apple Support site suggest the problem is with the certificate, answer is NO. 
  • Many suggest Windows 2003 Exchange Server does not support IPHONE / Iphone 3G, again, the answer is NO.
  • Many suggest loading a SSL certificate on the IPHONE 3G, again, answer is no
  • More suggest upgrading to the latest IPHONE firmware from Apple’s site, again nope
  • Several suggest purchasing a Godaddy SSL certificate, NOPE — Just a waste of more money.
  • Finally, suggestions of resetting the IPHONE to factory defaults, again nope.
  • Forget purchasing an Expert Exchange account – even though there are hundreds of people reading the site, few can even figure out every scenario.

The Iphone YES statements:

  • Your Microsoft 2003 Exchange Server requires Exchange 2003 Service Pack 2
  • Sonice / Cisco Router needs to forward Port 443 (SSL) to your Microsoft Exchange Server
  • OMA needs to work
  • Microsoft-Exchange-Server-ActiveSync needs to work
  • IIS Exchange needs to work
  • Outlook Mobile Access needs to be published and working
  • Your default web site needs to be listening on all adapters

Do you realize!!

  • You need to contact TechoKOZ for further assistance  (480-440-4650)
  • Do you realize TechnoKOZ has assisted more than 40 different IT / Computer Repair companies with their Iphone / Exchange active sync issue?
  • Banks, Credit Unions, insurance companies, and investment firms have trusted TechnoKOZ for their IPHONE ActiveSync Repair/ Technical Support
  • Our Repair Fee is simple and fair.  Remember we do not ask for any payment in advance.  
  • When was the last time a repair company:  IT company, Car, air conditioning, plumber, electrician, builder required payment ony if the “PROBLEM” was solved.

Again, we are like you.  We want results.  TechnoKOZ will get you the results you are looking for… TODAY.  If you are an IT / Computer Repair company, your customer will be more than willing to pay for expert assistance.  We have seen it 40 times so far.  Each and every company was able to not only get payment for our services, but at least 2 hours of billing to “supervise” our repair process.  We consider this a WIN WIN for everyone.   Consider our proposition.  You will not regret making a call to us. 

We guarantee all of our Repair Work. 

  • No Sync – No Payment
  • We have never seen this situation, but if the sync breaks 2 Months later — contact us and we will investigate and fix again.
  • Once repair is done, ALL Apple iPhone will work.  No additional server or phone configuration is necessary.


    Does your iphone – exchange issue having you feel like Paul Sheldon (James Caan) after nurse Annie Wilkes (Kathy Bates) has been beating his leg to death?

    TechnoKOZ understands!

    • We continue to assist more IT / Computer Repair companies through this Microsoft Windows 2003 sync nightmare. 
    • What we want you to understand is the value of your time.

    Is this truly good use of your time?

    TechnoKOZ will solve this iphone sync issue RAPIDLY, so you can be back to productive endeavors, earning real money, instead of wasting time searching for just dead ends.  We have not found many business owners wanting to pay their IT solution provider $895.00 to fix their iphone.   YET, we have seen many who are responsive to the fact we solve their problem FAST and they can be back to their business. 

    Give us a call, you will be happy you did so.   480.440.4650 /  Skyp: TECHNOKOZ

    • Remember you do not need any certificate.  Forget Godaddy SSL Certifcates
    • Flat Rate Fee — $175.00
    • We do not collect money, until your problem is fixed
    • We Guarantee our work and the sync of IPHONES to your exchange server

    We continue to not only help end user companies (small, medium, large — Private – Public – non profit) around the world.  

    We are now receiving more and more support calls from IT solution providers, Computer Repair shops, and even Nationwide Managed Service providers for assistance.  We truly are not interested in the “type” of customer we solve the problems for.  What we care is

    • We solve the iphone sync issue
    • And you are HAPPY!!!

    What we would like you to understand, is the question, “Is it truly worth searching for an answer when we can quickly assist you through the problem and you can bill your customer for our services?”  What is the VALUE of your time?  We are sure you have already spent numerous hours searching for the “answer”.  We will resolve the issue quickly for you.

    Here are some of the recent issues we are seeing: 

    • iphone not syncing with exchange calendar through wifi  
    • cannot get mail connection to the server failed
    • iphone see all of your folders, inbox receives mail, sent empty, contacts empty, calendar has items

    Give us a call: 480.440.4650      We are also available via skype:  TECHOKOZ


    Reasons why you should be calling us

    We understand your desire to fix the sync issue by reading other google solutions. But, is it good use of your time? We have yet to disappoint a customer.

    • Flat Rate $175.00 SOLUTION. This is not a gimmick and we are REAL Microsoft Engineers.
    • We provide 100% money back guarantee.
    • No passwords are ever required. Security remains with your organization.
    • We are easy to do business with: We require no advance payment.
    • There will be no server down time. No Interruptions.
    • No server reboots.
    • You see all changes. Work is performed remotely through a secure WebEx session.
    • We are experienced and are careful as well. We take in account all of your existing software, such as BlackBerry Enterprise Servers and other Treo / Windows Mobile Devices.
    • Solved Front – End and Back – End Exchange 2003 / Exchange 2007 configurations as well as, SBS (Small Business Server), Standard, and Enterprise Exchange servers issues.
    • Remember, if we canэt sync your iPhone.. There is no payment!!!

    We are still fixing more and more iPhone – Palm Pre – Droid activeysnc issues. Please give us a call today, if you want the Bling Bling feeling back into your life!