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Are iPhone Exchange error messages driving you nuts like iphone exchange account verification failed?

TechnoKOZ is here to solve your new iPhone 3.0 activesync issues to your Exchange 2007 / Exchange 2003 Server. We understand how frustration the setup process can be. Plus, all of this finger pointing!

  1. AT&T says to call Apple
  2. Apple says to call Microsoft
  3. and even your Tech guy says to UPGRADE!!!

Comments from Michael from Florida Lawyer’s Assistance Program

After my IT guy spent over 5 hours (@$125/hr) trying to figure out how to get my iPhone 3G working with Exchange after the 3.0 upgrade, but he finally gave up and I call Technokoz. How can you go wrong…a flat fee that’s only paid upon success? Sounded too good to be true, but I made the call and the problem was resolved in about 40 minutes of working time. Best money I’ve spent in a long time. Just never could figure out how to solve this iphone exchange account verification failed message. Thank you!

Give us a call if you have any questions with the active-sync process 480-440-4650 / Skype: TECHNOKOZ


We hope to resolve your issue QUICKLY! For one simple fee: $175.00 What are you waiting for? Give us a call right now. Guaranteed!! We ask for no advance payment. and… If there is No Sync, there is No Payment!

Even Geek Squad is stumped by all of these Exchange ActiveSync Setup issues. Some tech at the store has visited our site now three times searching for LG INCITE Active-Sync!! Still, no phone call from Mr. Geek Squad himself.

Someone at Best Buy is scrambling to solve a LG Incite Sync to a Microsoft Exchange server. Yet, they
appear to be no closer to success from where they began on May 23rd, 2009.

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    23rd May 2009 14:13:36 Page View incite sync outlook&aq=0&oq=lg incite sync&aqi=g5
    25th May 2009 14:41:06 Page View sync with outlook&spell=1

From time to time, we see major players in pain. Yet, unlike you, they don’t take the easy road and just give us a call. We are the QUICK solution. We will resolve your Apple iPhone 3G- LG – Windows Mobile – Active-Sync setup issue within 20 minutes for a FLAT RATE FEE. Give us a call today: 480-440-4650 / Skype: TECHNOKOZ

We are still keeping busy solving more iPhone 3G Exchange ActiveSync setup issues with Microsoft Exchange 2003 & Microsoft Exchange 2007. We will solve your sync issues (QUICKLY!!) and get you back where you belong.

Why waste anymore time reading more blog posts when you can call the iPhone Exchange setup experts.

Here is an interesting article on 6 Ways to Sync Music to your iPhone without iTunes

1. Media Monkey (Windows)
2. Winamp and the ml_ipod plugin (Windows)
3. SharePod (Windows)
4. CopyTransManager (Windows)
5. PwnPlayer (any platform)
6. GtkPod (Linux)

It is interesting to see Universities blocking iPhones and devices from their networks.

What is more interesting is the public display for the reasons for being banned.

Onto another interesting story. At TechnoKOZ we receive calls from time to time from end users who are stuck with no solution in sight.

Couple of weeks ago, we received a call from a Texas user from a major corporation (5,000+ employees). He reported that his iPhone Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync works via his cable connection, but will not sync Exchange Email while on AT&T’s edge or 3G. Yet, to make matters more interesting, his 3G iPhone syncs perfectly when he visits his corporate offices in New Jersey. WoW! I helped him prove that his IT group was blocking AT&T Edge/3G IP address by having him access his Microsoft Outlook Web Access (OWA) via the built-in Safari web browser on the phone. Page would not display. However, when he switched to a WIFI connection from his local cable provider – Paged displayed! I tested the same scenario here, find the same results. Forgot to add, this was a “pure” blackberry shop. I guess this user’s IT group didn’t want to have to edit – delete – all of their user’s mobile access, instead they blocked IP addresses.

Solution for this user: This user could establish a HOME VPN connection, allowing him access over his private cable connection, spoofing his corporate prevention scheme.

All Windows mobile devices, including

  • LG Incite,
  • HTC Fuze – HTC’s Touch – TouchFLO 3D,
  • Motorola MotoSurf A3100,
  • Sony Ericsson XPERIA X1, Samsung Omnia,
  • Pharos Traveler 137
  • All use have Windows Mobile 7.0 / 6.5 OS. Each of these units will provide Microsoft Exchange sync access through Microsoft – Exchange – Active-Sync.

    TechnoKOZ has been supporting LG Incite and Iphone 3G / 2.0, etc. Corporate – Home Exchange Server users for many months assisting them with their activesync issues. Basically in a nutshell, we are known in the industry as ActiveSync Exchange Setup experts. Including Windows 2003, Windows 2007, Windows 2008 Exchange servers. We have handled and solved some of the most difficult scenarios. You too can have your smart phone setup to your corporate email server today for one FLAT RATE FEE!

    We stand behind all of our work and gaurentee the entire job. Give us a call today: 480.440.4650 / Skype: TECHNOKOZ

    Exchange iPhone 3G ActiveSync issue

    What is the delay with Our Exchange - iPhone 3G ActiveSync setup issue?

    Owners, management, board members, etc. are expecting an “iPhone Exchange ActiveSync” like Apple stated on their sales brochure.

    Let’s face it…There are no step by step documentation provided by Apple. Nowhere is there a disclaimer stating the difficulty of the troubleshooting process or the frustration it would create for the entire group.

    Don’t worry, TechnoKOZ is here to help. We have solved iPhone Exchange Sync issues around the world. Not just here in our backyard, but companies (Private and Public) – Small and Large, and even IT Computer Repair Companies have contacted us to fix their Windows 2003 iPhone Sync issues.

    Alleviate your year-end stress. End your stress today, contact us! 480.440.4650

    We provide FLAT RATE iPhone Exchange Setup for $175.00… No clock watching. Just one flat rate. Economical when you count how much your time is worth.

    We recently were called into action for Brisk Link, Technologies a Computer Repair Services firm in Tucson, Arizona, who was experiencing VPN setup configuration setup issues for their mobile users.

    At TechnoKOZ we are particular to who we help or what we solve. Today we are know as iPhone to Exchange 2003/2007 Experts, because of our abilities to solve the most mundane ActiveSync issue.

    Matthew was one of the many brilliant computer repair techs who decided it was best to have an expert solve his issue. We didn’t know each other before today, but afterwards, we just embarked on another TechnoKOZ relationship.

    You too can be a winner, contact us today. Listen to our passion and you will realize that you are in good hands with our expert work.

    480.440.4650 / Skype: TECHNOKOZ

    As you can see, our skill set is not just limited to Exchange 2003 Server issues with iPhones / Activesync. Here are some other areas of focus:

      Windows Active Directory
      Outlook Anywhere
      Data Recovery
      Wireless network Setup
      Virus Removal
      Apple integration
      Virtual Machine
      Entourage – Exchange integration

    We are receiving more iPhone / MS Exchange 2003 phone calls – customers from various international communities.  We appreciate the business!  Again, we have fixed all of these problems.  We have no unhappy customers.

    We provide SERVICE WITH A SMILE to everyone of our customers.  Remember:

    1. We are easy to do business with:   We require no advance payment.
    2. We will fix your iPhone and Exchange Sync issue first, then ask for payment
    3. We work with you and you can see all of the changes
    4. There is no software to purchase
    5. All of the changes are of technical nature
    6. We have perform Front – End and Back – End Exchange configurations, as well as, SBS (Small Business Server), Standard, and Enterprise Exchange servers.
    7. We are very experienced and are very careful as well.  We take in account your existing software, such as BlackBerry Enterprise Servers and other Treo / Windows Mobile Devices

    Give us a call today:  480.440.4650  // Skype:  TECHNOKOZ


    We have seen people with Microsoft Exchange – iPhone 3G issues where,  “recreated my exchange account and set download option to “no limit” but I still no emails until I launch Microsoft Outlook on PC.”

    We can easily fix this issue.  Contact our iPhone Exchange support line today:  480.440.4650



    iphone 3g exchange18 Nov 2008

    TechnoKOZ continues to lead the pack in solving more and more iPhone 3G exchange issues each day.   We are available 4:00 a.m. Pacific – 11:00 p.m. Pacific @ 480.440.4650 // Skype TechnoKOZ

    Reasons why you should be calling us

    We understand your desire to fix the sync issue by reading other google solutions. But, is it good use of your time? We have yet to disappoint a customer.

    • Flat Rate $175.00 SOLUTION. This is not a gimmick and we are REAL Microsoft Engineers.
    • We provide 100% money back guarantee.
    • No passwords are ever required. Security remains with your organization.
    • We are easy to do business with: We require no advance payment.
    • There will be no server down time. No Interruptions.
    • No server reboots.
    • You see all changes. Work is performed remotely through a secure WebEx session.
    • We are experienced and are careful as well. We take in account all of your existing software, such as BlackBerry Enterprise Servers and other Treo / Windows Mobile Devices.
    • Solved Front – End and Back – End Exchange 2003 / Exchange 2007 configurations as well as, SBS (Small Business Server), Standard, and Enterprise Exchange servers issues.
    • Remember, if we canэt sync your iPhone.. There is no payment!!!

    We are still fixing more and more iPhone – Palm Pre – Droid activeysnc issues. Please give us a call today, if you want the Bling Bling feeling back into your life!