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It is interesting to see Universities blocking iPhones and devices from their networks.

What is more interesting is the public display for the reasons for being banned.

Onto another interesting story. At TechnoKOZ we receive calls from time to time from end users who are stuck with no solution in sight.

Couple of weeks ago, we received a call from a Texas user from a major corporation (5,000+ employees). He reported that his iPhone Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync works via his cable connection, but will not sync Exchange Email while on AT&T’s edge or 3G. Yet, to make matters more interesting, his 3G iPhone syncs perfectly when he visits his corporate offices in New Jersey. WoW! I helped him prove that his IT group was blocking AT&T Edge/3G IP address by having him access his Microsoft Outlook Web Access (OWA) via the built-in Safari web browser on the phone. Page would not display. However, when he switched to a WIFI connection from his local cable provider – Paged displayed! I tested the same scenario here, find the same results. Forgot to add, this was a “pure” blackberry shop. I guess this user’s IT group didn’t want to have to edit – delete – all of their user’s mobile access, instead they blocked IP addresses.

Solution for this user: This user could establish a HOME VPN connection, allowing him access over his private cable connection, spoofing his corporate prevention scheme.

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