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I’m sure we you are tired of listening of activesync exchange – Sync errors – iphone 3G sync errors.  Most organizations are faced with disasters all the time.

My latest topic of discussion is Business Continuity.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Business Continuity Planning (BCP) is an interdisciplinary concept used to create and validate a practiced logistical plan for how an organization will recover and restore partially or completely interrupted critical (urgent) function(s) within a predetermined time after a disaster or extended disruption

Small and medium sized organizations have been left without any great tools for disaster preparedness for their computer systems.  Technologies from VMware and Microsoft are now reaching and helping organizations with the potential dilemma.

What do most organization do for localized disasters such as a server crash, where the system requires new hardware or change out of a main board?   Typically, they waited for Dell or HP to arrive and replace the failing component.  This typically takes a day and half of downtime. 

Ask yourself, can we afford to be without our systems for more than one day?  What is this costing our organization?

Have no fear, technology is here!  Yes, professional services companies like TECHNOKOZ can implement a staunch disaster recovery plan, where you can have your system back up and running within 45 minutes.  Hard Drive Crash, System board, etc., don’t let this stop you from having your systems up. 

How can you do this?  Simple, we restore a virtualized version of your system to a spare piece of hardware and have you back running as if the originalequipment never left your environment.  This “piece” of equipment does not have to be cutting edge.  AND when the system is ready to be placed back into your environment, the process is easily reversed.

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