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Costa Accounting Firm


  • Thanks again for jumping on my iPhone configuration with MS Exchange issue and solving it for me. I especially appreciated the good communication between us and the conscientious and successful effort. I have given your invoice to our accounting department, and a check will be sent to you today.


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Exchange Email Syncs for a while then stops

So my iphone 3G (2.1) will synch my email from the company exchange server just fine for a day or two then for no reason (that I can tell) stops. It goes into an endless connecting to server state and never gets past it. If I fully restore the phone, wiping the account clean, starting over it will validate the account, start synching mail, work for a while (a day or just a few hours) and then stop. I have the phone set for manual fetch. Any ideas?

Exchange Calendar Not Syncing To IPhone 3G 2.1

email and contacts are working fine. calendar events entered on the iphone show up on the exchange, but events entered on exchange (through owa or outlook) do not appear on the iphone

Unable to access mail

email access is denied because the user name or password are incorrect. I’ve posted this question earlier, but responses did not apply. I’ve tried changing the password, but that doesn’t work either. Is there a way to retrieve a password if I’m using the wrong one?

 Iphone 3G active sync with Exchange 2003

I just purchased a new 3G two weeks ago. I entered my two pop email accounts and my one yahoo account. They will work fine for about 2 or 3 days. Then they will not connect. The little connecting wheel just spins indefinitely.All three accounts always stop at the same time. In order to correct it, I have to delete all three accounts and reset the network settings. Then they work fine….for another 2 or 3 days.  I cannot sync my phone with our Exchange 2003 server. I am able to set up the account and receive verification on the account. As I attempt to sync, I receive the message “connection to the server failed.” I have valid certificates from verisign on the server and I assumme the iphone came with similiar certificates. I can receive emails via an imap account, however, I want to be able to utilize the features of Exchange. We also have an Ironport (antispam, etc.) system on the network and I am not sure if this has something to do with it. I have seen a number of similiar questions, but could not see where anyone else had been successful in resolving. Please assist if possible.

Iphone 3g – Exchange 2003 Activesync Frustrations

I have a new iphone. I’m trying to connect it to an Microsoft Small Business Server 2003. It will not connect. I get the same errors as other with the “configured sync for null”.

iphone & microsoft exchange access without port 443

I am trying to setup my microsoft exchange server. My company does not use port 443 for microsoft emails. We use a different port. Has anyone setup their outlook on a different port? Did it work? and please provide me steps to try to get mine setup.

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