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TechnoKOZ solved another international customer’s iphone and Exchange 2003 sync problem today.  As you can see from reading the following email excerpt, this customer was living in PAIN for months!!!  We solved his problem within 20 minutes.  His problem was unique and the likelihood of him solving it was almost impossible.  YES, this is the actual truth.  Call us today: 480.440.4650 // skype: TECHNOKOZ

Hi there,
Since july this year, we have been trying to get exchange working on our Iphones (3g). I worked the first week, but after one employee changed password on his user account it has stopped working.
We can make new accounts and they seem to work, but our real accounts, does not work. My own holds about 350 mb, and does not work,
But as said before it worked flawless the first week or so.
Our normal it support company has spent hours trying to get It to work. Now it’s your turn, as I can see you have a very fine list of solved problems.
We have a small business server 2003. We are situated in Copenhagen, Denmark.
I hope you can help us.

Kind regards

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