Best Rate iPhone Exchange Setup Solutions with a 100% money back guarantee!

(pay after the phone and exchange are working)

  • Flat Rate $175.00
  • No Sync.. No payment
  • No advance payment.

Yes, it appears there are now 10,000+ Internet blog & tech site posts regarding solutions for this major sync problem.  Yet, most of these information posts are just “call for action” -sales pitch- to capture your attention and sell you a product, such as an iphone protective case.


This is not the situation at technoKOZ, Gilbert, AZ.  We are committed to providing the most cost effective repair option on the net, solving your iphone issue efficiently.  Why spend $10 or more to sign up for an Internet tech site — giving you the “privilege” to just submit your apple iphone problem to a group of users?  Why spend 2-6 days or even three weeks trying to fix your sync issue yourself?  Meanwhile your boss (who might be the owner) is hovering over your desk anticipating your next miracle move.


technoKOZ - iphone repair specialists


The above technoKOZ logo is a symbol of QUALITY.  We are driven to deliver you a customer service experience that you would expect at a 5 star restaurant.  Yet, you will find our bottom-line price won’t break the bank.  You see, we are not your typical computer repair shop.  We are not clock watchers.  We will guarantee your iphone and exchange will sync, before we ask you to pay your invoice.

Our iphone – Exchange Server sync “repair” solution is simple:

  1. We utilize a secure connection from logmein123.com
  2. There is interaction between you and the engineer fixing your problem.
  3. You can see all of the changes
  4. Each situation is different. 
  5. We can guarantee you will not need to purchase a certificate to make the iphone to sync with your exchange server.
  6. You do not need to purchase any additional software for your server
  7. You can either contact us at 480-440-4650 or through Skype Skype Me™!
  8. Our fee is simply $175.00 flat rate
  9. We handle iphones from wherever — USA / Canada / Mexico / South America / Europe / Australia / Asia / Russia / India / etc.

Here is feedback from one of our valued customers:

Thank you so much for fixing my remote desktop last night.  I’m extremely excited about finding you. You made mention that you are good at solving complicated problem. I have an issue that I thought my IT  team could easily do.  As you know, my wife and I have a home office that is set up with 2 lap top computers/wireless system.  At home we have a wireless printer (HP DeskJet 6988).  All printer functions wirelessly work while connected to the internet, etc at home.   I wanted this home printer to work when we are logged into the server using Remote Desktop.  The IT team said I cannot print anything on the HP DeskJet at my house when I am remotely connected.  Is this an issue that you could provide some magic for?

We provided a simple and reliable solution – his HP DeskJet printer wasn’t supported on a Windows 2003 server.  So, we installed a DeskJet compatible printer and routed the RAW traffic (port 9100) from his server to his XP home workstation. 

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