Best Rate iPhone Exchange Setup Solutions with a 100% money back guarantee!

(pay after the phone and exchange are working)

  • Flat Rate $175.00
  • No Sync.. No payment
  • No advance payment.

Geek squad – just a big – bricks and mortar computer repair company, has new competition, AT&T?   Yes, a company who is selling the iphone and cannot solve exchange sync issues now wants to embark into the computer repair business.  Go figure.  Most of our customers have commented on the sales tactics where they were lead to believe the task of connecting the iphone to an exchange server would be very easy.  Well, if this was true, why are you still searching for a utopian answer to your exchange sync issue?   — You truly should contact us right now and end the pain!  [Remember flat fee – no payment up front –   [Call us: 480-440-4650]

Check it out for yourself:


Consumers fall for the over priced and under trained Squad tactics each day.  However, consumers and corporate America can only be burned for only so long by inexperienced computer techs.  This is why individuals, small businesses, and large are turning to technoKOZ for its SERVICE WITH A SMILE attitude. 

The technology and time savings value that technoKOZ provides will pay dividends in all fascists of your on going business.  How many computer repair companies are willing to give you a flat rate repair and only require payment if the solution works?

This why you need to end your search fest!  Just make the call and pay the simple fee after the job is done.  Be a winner!  Go for GOLD this weekend and make your iphone sync.

Contact us:  480-440-4650

Another iphone computer repair story from the trenches:

Arizona Malpractice firm

PATTON LAW a leading Arizona law firm, who is dedicated to Victims of Medical Malpractice,  sought our exchange – iphone integration expertise.  YES, Phoenix, Arizona we have a winning team.  Maybe not the Cardinals, but technoKOZ.  This professional & leading firm received numerous quotes to end their IPHONE 3G headache.  Most Phoenix Repair Companies were offering exchange services from $85/hr — all the way up to $195 / hr.  What a sticker shock!    Yet, each company professed they could fix their iphone sync headaches, but none of them could provide a simple quote for the number of hours to complete the repair of their Windows 2003 Exchange Server.  YES, NONE of them.  The main partner of the firm, David Patton contacted me in disbelief.  He was shocked to discover a local Arizona company offering a flat rate iphone repair.   Within 30 minutes, technoKOZ had his Windows 2003 Exchange server syncing with his iphones. 

Continue your own hunt for the RED OCTOBER.  Patton Law is enjoying their new iphone 3Gs now.  They were moments away from returning all of their iphones back to AT&T.  BUT, technoKOZ saved the day.

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