Best Rate iPhone Exchange Setup Solutions with a 100% money back guarantee!

(pay after the phone and exchange are working)

  • Flat Rate $175.00
  • No Sync.. No payment
  • No advance payment.

We understand your dilemma trying to solve your Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync issue.    Just like you, we love to accomplish and conquer a DIFFICULT issue.   Yet, if a company were to flash a fair price to fix a problem for us, we would jump all over it!!!

We can fix all types of Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync issues.  Iphone, Apple Iphone 3G, Windows Mobile 5.0, Windows Mobile 6.0 units are our specialty.  So, if your phone is running any of the above platforms, we can fix your exchange sync issue quickly.



Iphone - Exchange ActiveSync



TechnoKOZ is the LEADING solution provider who is RESOLVING IPHONE 3G & Microsoft ActiveSync issues for corporations across the WORLD.    We invite our friends in Canada, Europe (UK, Ireland, France, Germany, etc), Australia, Asia — you get the point.  

Our process is an incredibly straightforward, honest and comes with a 100% money back guarantee.

…What technology do we use to fix these problems:

  1. Phone  – either voice (480-440-4650)  or skype (technokoz) <–International Callers
  2. WebEx conference session to easily communicate a visible solution

….Remember!  We don’t ask for payment until AFTER we resolve the IPHONE Sync problem.

….Our Fee is FLAT RATE!  Meaning we do not watch the clock.  We only charge $175.00 if we solve your problem.   No solution — NO PAYMENT  What a concept.

WE PROMISE it will be one of the GREATEST investments
of your time and money that you will make all year.

Yes, in this difficult world we live in there are solution providers you can trust.  TechnoKOZ has built trust.  We have raised the customer repair bar for Quality Service.  We have yet to disappoint any customer.  View our LinkedIn reputation.  View feedback from our recent clients.

The process to determine if your phone will sync is the following:

  1. OWA (Outlook Web Access) – Does it function
  2. Exchange OMA (Outlook Mobile Access) – Does it function
  3. Exchange Does it respond correctly
  4. Microsoft-Server-ActiveSync Does it respond Correctly.

We not only guide you through the entire fix, but you actually have a working phone sync in a short while.



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