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Wouldn’t you say configuring “iphone & activesync” is a pleasurable project.  NOT!  Let’s face it, if you are reading this post right now, you are probably in the trenches like the other 1,000 who visit TechnoKOZ blog each day. 

  • Why no answers from Microsoft or Apple?

The solution is not so easy to resolve.  You see these Microsoft 2003 Exchange Servers have been in place for a number of years.  Various products have been installed and integrated within the operating system.  Thus, the problem. 

We are curious to know if you have made contact with Apple’s technical support department.  If so, what type of response did you receive.  Each person who leaves us a comment on this post will receive $5.00 off their $175.00 installation. 

Here is a message displaying typical frustration seen on the Apple Support Discussion forum:

You can read the entire thread by following this iphone – exchange link

Re: Exchange Active Sync Frustrations
Posted: Aug 5, 2008 9:56 AM   in response to: Scott Lavergne
Hi ! I have been dealing with this exact problem since I got the new iPhone, Almost a month ago… I had people coming to the office, I even had an Apple Genius appointment.. Nothing worked..I hate to say it, but I had to pay the $175 at http://www.computerrepairservice.net/blogHe did a great job, after close to an hour, the problem was solved…

I personally just had no other choice, local technician came here and even the Apple Genius guy could not solve it.

Regardless of this, it is a shame that Apple is not giving some formal word on this issue, that looks like very simple to solve.

Good luck to all..

You too can receive award winning service and a working IPHONE – ACTIVE SYNC.

The process is simple:

  • Contact us at 480-440-4650
  • We answer all of your questions and concerns — if you prefer to email your questions or concerns, you can reach us via:  support@computerrepairservice.net
  • We establish a simple WEBEX session to work on your problem
  • We determine the issues with your Exchange – IPHONE
  • Fix the problems
  • Watch the IPHONE Sync
  • We then ask for payment.  YES, that is right, we don’t even ask for payment in advance.
  • Oh, by the way, our FLAT FEE is only $175.00 — much cheaper than working on the problem by yourself.

What if the phone stops syncing to the Exchange server 2 days later or even one month later?

Good question!  We have yet to see this situation, but if it does occur –> We stand behind all of our work.  Just call us back at 480-440-4650 and we will get you back where you belong.


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