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Windows 20003 System failure, Corrupted XP, Virus, buggy Microsoft Service pack, etc are just some simple examples of problems facing  Business and home computer users.   We all know the saying, “time is money.”  What can a small business or individual do to protect their precious computer investment? 

1. Ensure the important files are backed up on a regular basis.   Photos, itunes, music, quicken, quick-books, financial information, email (outlook), word documents, excel spreadsheets, etc, will be important to you at some point.  I agree, some information can be easily forgotten or replaced.  However, how do you replace pictures from last year’s trip of a life time?   How do you replace family pictures?  What about your itunes?   These are all valid examples of the urgent need of an internet backup solution.  We receive calls all the time wanting to recover files after a hard-drive crash.   Are you willing to pay a computer repair company $200.00 to evaluate your hard drive, just to find no viable data to restore?  This is no funny joke!  It occurs all the time.  Why roll the dice.

2. Consider Installing VMWare’s Converter to “clone” your entire PC / Server system.   Server & Desktop Virtualization, and VDI are not just limited to large corporations.  Individuals and small business users could easily capitalize on this technology to improve the protection of their systems without investing a lot of money and time.

What is VMWare and Virtualization?

VMware and “Virtualization”, are the two hottest tech buzz words in the computer industry.  Virtualization essentially allows one computer do the job of multiple computers, by sharing the resources of a single computer across multiple environments.  Back to the Mainframe central processing days of the 1970’s.

What is the VMware converter program?

VMware Convert will convert your physical machines to Virtual machines.  In simple terms, backup the entire operating system and allow you to actually run the system on a different piece of hardware. 

For example, you have a home XP PC with Microsoft Office 2003 suite, HP Printer Driver, important files (word, pictures, itunes, etc.) that you would liked to have “Cloned”.  You can clone the entire machine and then import and run the entire system on a different computer and or operating system.  All of your files, programs, and devices will function entirely the same as it did before on the original Microsoft XP Computer.

The VMware Convert is an easy / intuitive wizard-driven interface to convert your physical machines to virtual machines. VMware Converter quickly converts Microsoft Windows based physical machines and third party image formats to VMware virtual machines.  The utility is free to download and use.

Why install VMware Converter and backup my system?

The answer is simple.  It will save you time and money.  I would recommend using the VMware Convert to an external hard drive.  This way, if your system crashes, or becomes compromised, you can still easily boot your XP operating system on another computer system and even PC platform.

How to Install and Convert my XP System with VMware converter?

Computer Repair Service will be releasing a new Do It Yourself Videos on this very subject in the next couple of days.  Check back frequently to view and learn more about this exciting technology.

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