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Ok, you get the point.  We are back to another dust saga!  The 1930’s are definitely here.  First, Bear Stearns.  Now, Freddie Mac.  And, for computers, the Great Dust Bowl! 

Computer repair call from Mesa, Arizona, complaining about blue screens and spontaneous PC reboots.  Well, I only spent 10 minutes on the machine before I experienced my first spontaneous reboot.  I scratch my head for a couple of minutes and went down the virus route. My assumption was wrong.  No viruses, a very very clean system. So, I decided to delve further.  I booted into the computer’s BIOS.  Noticed the internal temperature at 140+.  Pretty darn hot!  Opened the case.  Again, pretty clean.  Few dust bunnies.  However, there was immense amount of dust on the CPU heat sink, preventing the fan from properly doing its job.  A cleaned heat sink did the trick!  Happy customer repair customer now.

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