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I was working at a local SEO Company the other day repairing computers in Phoenix, AZ.  The owner was showcasing a valuable SEO tool, WWW.SEODigger.COM.  This engenius tool detects and searches key words for a particular site, determining/display the ranking of the word.  I ran SEODIGGER for my web site: www.computerrepairservice.net. I noticed I received high ranking for computer repair phoenix,  phoenix computer repair, az, etc.  You get the idea.  Overall a great tool to determine how your site is seen by www.google.com

Then it brings me to my second topic, back linking & yellow page directories like magic yellow.

Part of achieving top search engine positions is through links from other Web pages. These links can come from people who like your site (natural links), reciprocal linking, directory submissions and a few other ways.

The goal of trading links is to get quality links for quality links. True quality links will carry benefits far beyond that of attaining a coveted position in the search engine results. The links will bring traffic from the Web page linking to your Web page. Therefore, you want to ensure you trade or barter links from quality partners.

Robots Meta Instructions

Using noindex and nofollow attributes let’s the novice link partner see the visible page with their link while telling the search engines to ignore the page and the links found on the page. Nofollow can be used while allowing the page to be indexed which gives the impression that the search engines will eventually count the link.

Rel=nofollow Attributes

This is not a real attribute based upon HTML standards, but rather it is an attribute approved by the search engines to help identify which links should not be followed. This attribute is often used with blogs to prevent comment and link sp@m. The link will appear on the Web page and in the search engine’s cache, but never be counted.

Which brings me to my peeve.  These “magic” yellow dudes give you a great sales spiel on how they will help improve the ranking of your site, by just merely appearing on their web site.  Pure bull!  You might get more telephone calls, but no improvement on google / yahoo / msn ranking. They don’t even create back links for search engines to find.  Take for example this Scottsdale Denist,  You will have to google this, because I don’t want to create a back-link to them! 28793824.htm  

I feel bad for this dentist, because their web site is listed, but they did a creative tweak to eliminate a back link from the magic site.  Maybe the dentist does not care, or better yet does not know.  

If you type  AZFamilyDDS.com+magicyellow in a google search, you will find no listing.  However, if you type in AZFamilyDDS.COM+superpages you see many listings.  When I brought this to the attention of my magic yellow rep, he ended the conversation abruptly with me. 

Is TechnoKoz being too harsh on these yellow guys?  I will leave you to be the judge.

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