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What is the holdup with Our iPhone ActiveSync issue

What is the delay with Our iPhone ActiveSync issue?

As we approach year-end, these “quirky” iPhone exchange setup issues are probably the last issues you would want on your plate to fix.

Yet, owners, management, board members, etc. are expecting an “iPhone Exchange ActiveSync” like Apple stated on their sales brochure.

There are no step by step documentation provided by Apple. Nowhere is there a disclaimer stating the difficulty of the troubleshooting process or the frustration it would create for the entire group.

Don’t worry, TechnoKOZ is here to help. We have solved iPhone Exchange Sync issues around the world. Not just here in our backyard, but companies (Private and Public) – Small and Large, and even IT Computer Repair Companies have contacted us to fix their Windows 2003 iPhone Sync issues.

Alleviate your year-end stress. End your stress today, contact us! 480.440.4650

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