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You see the the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee knew who to turn to regarding their Windows 2003 Server – Exchange Server iphone Sync issue.  The “Panthers” were not willing to quit so easily.  They battled the iphone sync issue for several weeks like most of you. 

University of Wisconsin Milwaukee

However, Dave Haseman, Ph.D  (Wisconsin Distinguished Professor) was victorious!  He selected the winning team – technoKOZ – to resolve the University’s iphone 3g sync issues.


Enough of the mental games.  Your iphone is controlling your every thought.  Ask yourself, why do I continue to torture myself? 

  • Are you REALLY saving your company money? 
  • Is this REALLY good use of your time?
  • Would you like to solve this issue QUICKLY?
  • Is your boss bugging you every hour about his IPHONE not syncing?
  • Have you ever wonder why there are so many posts about this problem — There is only ONE company providing a REAL solution for a small fee. Whereas, the rest are trying to sell you some BLING BLING for your IPHONE sync issues.
  • Why were you one of the companies who didn’t receive an iphone solution today?

OK, let’s all sleep well tonight!  Because TechnoKOZ has a brilliant answer with a guaranteed solution

TechnoKOZ is the ANSWER!!!  $175.00 will put end your pain.  There are numerous companies and organizations who have sought our expertise.   Why do you continue to avoid us? Call us today:  480-440-4650.


The same message is presented to us each time… “I challenge you to fix my problem”  — “I’ve had enough” — “Take this problem away from me”  

Make the call and see for yourself.  Reading blogs will only confuse you further.  $175.00 is well worth the release of the frustration.    [480-440-4650]

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