Best Rate iPhone Exchange Setup Solutions with a 100% money back guarantee!

(pay after the phone and exchange are working)

  • Flat Rate $175.00
  • No Sync.. No payment
  • No advance payment.

Looks like we will have another busy week solving more corporate Iphone 3.0 Exchange Setup and ActiveSync issues around the World. YES, our international business is picking up again. Most are contacting us via Skype, but others are opting to contact us via the phone

The issues are different for each company, but the THEME is the same.

Battle the iPhone Setup process for weeks with no solution.

These Exchange and iPhone users are persistant in their efforts to find a solution at ALL COST.

  1. Contact Apple Technical Support – Receive a polite well trained counselor who puts them on hold for 5 minutes — (Suggesting that they are referring your problem to senior engineers) then routes the caller to a web page to read an installation document that informs the user of steps already known. Nice try.
  2. Search Google – 1,000+ Posts. Reading through many sites who just “hijack” technical information to make the appearance that their site is legitimate. YET, the intention of the site is to sell them more BLING BLING for the iphone. We did are own searching recently and we were chuckling over the fact that 98% of the post would not even get you close to a solution. Remember to backup your system before trying some of these posts. We have seen some very questionable suggestions that might create you a Bigger mess then you were bargaining for.
  3. Phone a Friend – Contact all of your friends – technicians in your circle. You will be amazed on the suggestions. Some will suggest going to 2007, because 2003 does not support iPhone (WRONG). Some will suggest getting a legitimate certificate from Verisign (WRONG AGAIN).

Lets face it NONEof these corporate giants (Apple / AT&T / Rogers / O2 / Vodafone / want your iPhone and Exchange working. Otherwise, they would have provided you some simple instructions to follow. We are here to fulfill this VOID.

We are seeking an increase in business from other Computer Repair companies as well. Yes, the smart ones contact us, because working on these issues for hours and hours without the ability to bill out for any of these extra hours.

How do you bill a customer $950 for an iPhone Install that took 10 hours to fix?

Well, we don’t even charge $950 for an iPhone – Microsoft Exchange Server fix. TechnoKOZ charges a FLAT rate FEE of $175.

But, this is an interesting question for a business owner or an IT Computer Repair Company to answer. What is my time really worth? We typically hear the statement “Wow! This was the best $175.00 I have spent in a long time!!! — and — There was no way I was going to figure this out. Where did you come up with this solution?

We aren’t iPhone and Exchange ActiveSync experts by chance. YES, we have seen all types of issues and condition of the Exchange 2003 System. Windows 2003 SBS, Windows 2003 Standard, Window 2003 Enterprise, Windows 2003 Data Center, and Exchange Cluster arrangements – Front End / Back End situations as well.

Apple - XP Computer Repair

We firmly believe in exceeding the bar when it comes to all parts of operating a Professional/ Managed Computer Services company. LinkedIn gives us the opportunity to communicate with our community as well as showcase our reputation.

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