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This iPhone and Exchange Setup with ActiveSync has created quite the finger pointing event for both Microsoft and Apple. Neither company wants the other to succeed. Yet, the business woman or man is reaping the pain of the iPhone Exchange Setup.

TechnoKOZ tried unsuccessfully in ending your iphone setup pain with Apple. We contacted and spoke with Larry, a Senior Vice President of Apple Retail Sales. He half listen to your pain. He referred your problem to Mo an up an coming Apple Genius Bar manager, who acknowledges there is no real big IPHONE SETUP ISSUES WITH EXCHANGE.

Here is an excerpt from our discussion:

Email to Larry:

Mo and I recently spoke. After speaking with Mo, MS Exchange integration issues with the iphone appear to be non existent from the genius level. I was wondering if you could refer my contact information to one of your enterprise sales executives to discuss solutions. I still receive calls each day from major corporations across the USA with iPhone & Exchange integration issues.

Response from Larry:

I don’t understand your point. What does non existent from the Genius level mean?

Email to Larry:

Mo said that the call center and the local Genius (level) / bar has not experienced the pain I see each day. Since this exchange integration is new to the iPhone, I was hoping to assist you through some of the pain.

There was nothing wrong with Mo, he was great and very helpful. I quickly determined after speaking with him the retail level might not see much need for my assistance.

Response from Mo:

Robert, as per our earlier discussion, I will discuss with our business team.
If there is a need, they will contact you to discuss.

Email to Larry and Mo:

Prefect. I figured with the recent BlackBerry release, there might be a renewed demand for our exchange enterprise solutions.
Look forward to the call,

TechnoKOZ – World Renowned Tier 1 iPhone 3G & Exchange support provider

As you can see, Larry was willing to listen, however, he had to stand behind his up and coming Genius boy, who knows nothing about iPhone and Exchange integration.

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