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  • Flat Rate $175.00
  • No Sync.. No payment
  • No advance payment.

Is your iPhone no longer syncing email to your Microsoft 2003 Exchange Server?  The answer is probably yes!  The correct Question should be “When did your Microsoft 2003 Server ever work with your Apple iPhone 3G? ”

Another busy day with IPHONE REPAIRS.  We assisted more Europeans recently.  Germany, UK, France, Ireland, Netherlands.  Yesterday it was Canada and Australia.  These customers are SMART.  They want their IPHONE 3G working with their Exchange 2003 Server.  We fixed all of these customers quickly. 

Here is the actual Skype chat communication from Franck who is based in Luxembourg.  This is how simple our process is!  Give us a call and be a winner! (480-440-4650)  Skype: (TechnoKOZ)

[03:07:13] Franck says: hello sir
[03:16:05] Franck says: we’re a business company based in luxembourg
[03:16:47] Franck says: we ordered iphones and can’t manage to get them working with our excahgne2003
[05:31:56] TechnoKOZ says: We can help you… are you interested in working with us i about 1hour?
[06:01:29] Franck says: what do u mean working “with” you
[06:01:49] Franck says: i’m sorry i was afk
[06:03:16] Franck says: are u there ?
[06:05:40] TechnoKOZ says: yes, I can help you in about 1 hour is this ok?
[06:06:28] Franck says: ok
[06:06:32] Franck says: no problem
[06:48:55] TechnoKOZ says: hi franck, I’m ready.. We need to share a common desktop via a webex session.  Do you have access to the server?
[06:50:17] Franck says: yes
[06:50:24] TechnoKOZ  says: ok..
[06:50:27] Franck says: i can’t start a communication
[06:50:33] TechnoKOZ  says: no problem.
[06:50:40] Franck says: i’m on another server via logmein 🙂
[06:50:50] Franck says: our firewall block skype 🙁
[06:51:00] Franck says: ok then
[06:51:07] Franck says: i’m ready
[06:51:14] TechnoKOZ says: ok.. one second..
[06:51:43] TechnoKOZ says: i use logmein rescue… goto www.logmein123.com
[06:51:51] TechnoKOZ  says: pin code = 874817
[06:51:58] Franck says: ok ..
[06:52:01] Franck says: just one thing
[06:52:14] Franck says: the customer is a private banker
[06:52:36] Franck says: we can only access to their server on demand
[06:52:45] TechnoKOZ  says: I have helped a major other Banking institutions in the USA and Canada.
[06:52:47] Franck says: i’m already connected via logmein rescue to their server
[06:53:06] TechnoKOZ  says: I can connect to your machine and then we can work on it together from your workstation ok?
[06:53:18] Franck says: fair enough
[06:53:27] TechnoKOZ  says: are they running a cluster?
[06:53:32] Franck says: no
[06:53:34] TechnoKOZ  says: or is it just one server
[06:53:41] Franck says: just one 2003 sbs
[06:53:53] TechnoKOZ  says: ok… no problem. I can help you fix the issue..



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