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(pay after the phone and exchange are working)

  • Flat Rate $175.00
  • No Sync.. No payment
  • No advance payment.

iPhone Exchange Sync Fix!!

TechnoKOZ solved another iPhone 3.0 activesync issues today. We recently solved exchange oma sync issues for a savvy business owner. Specifically, Herschel A. Johnson of Hit City Athletics, a thriving Houston, Texas health and fitness company. Herschel had an iPhone disaster after upgrading to iPhone 3.0 release. Puzzling as it was, Herschel’s local IT provider was stumped!!! They spent the entire day “screwing” with his Microsoft 2003 Exchange server, impacting his corporate email flow and finally “jacking” his entire Outlook Web Access. Herschel was irked and was steaming when he contacted us.


We understood his frustrations, because since July of 2008, we have listened to other iPhone sync stories from business owners like Herschel. Within 20 minutes, we could hear an entire office cheering!! It ended another amazing day for TechnoKOZ.

TechnoKOZ is the REAL DEAL, when it comes to solving these iPhone sync issues. If you want to save yourself time and frustrations, PLEASE bypass all GOOGLE posts and immediately contact us: 480-440-4650.

Our fee ($175.00) according to Herschel, was nothing compared to loss of emails and productivity that his staff endured while his email server was unavailable.

Our flat-rate PalmPre setup assistance will quickly resolve all of your iPhone 3G 3.0 sync issues without breaking the bank! So what are you waiting for? Call us @ 480-440-4650 Skype: TechnoKOZ

  1. We are easy to do business with: We require no advance payment.
  2. We will fix your iPhone 3G and Exchange Sync issue first, then ask for payment
  3. We work with you and you can see all of the changes
  4. There is no software to purchase
  5. All of the changes are of technical nature
  6. We have performed Front – End and Back – End Exchange configurations, as well as, SBS (Small Business Server), Standard, and Enterprise Exchange servers.
  7. We are very experienced and are very careful as well. We take in account your existing software, such as BlackBerry Enterprise Servers and other Treo / Windows Mobile Devices

Once one iphone is working… All iphones will sync.

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