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While reading all of these blogs out here, TechnoKOZ is sure you have read some wrong answers for solving your iPhone 3G activeSync – Exchange issue.

We would like to bring some of them to your attention now:

1. You have to install the SSL Certificate directly on the iPhone. You will read about these posts where the user emails the Certificate to the phone and all of their problems are fixed. Well, we have been solving these Exchange – Iphone issues since July and at no point did we ever have to install a certificate on the phone to resolve the sync issue. First of all it creates a challenge for you to install one on the phone and secondly, we have seen it where it has prevented the phone from syncing to your 2003/2007 Exchange server.

2. You have to have RPC/HTTP working on your Windows 2003/Windows 2007 Exchange server for the oma / activesync process to work properly. This will establish Outlook Anywhere to work with your Windows XP Outlook, but not the iPhone.

3. Self Signed Certificate will not work. Again, you can save money and time by just using a simple self signed certifcate, instead of making versign and godaddy rich. The iPhone is not like your typical Windows mobile 6/7 device. It does not care if the certificate is valid.

As you can see we are the Exchange ActiveSync experts. We will get your iPhone or Windows Mobile Device sync”ing” to your Exchange 2003/2007 server.

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