Best Rate iPhone Exchange Setup Solutions with a 100% money back guarantee!

(pay after the phone and exchange are working)

  • Flat Rate $175.00
  • No Sync.. No payment
  • No advance payment.

iPhone exchange outlook Setup here

One would think that this iPhone exchange activesync setup process would be very easy.   Yet, there are thousands of blog posts currently out on the Internet claiming they have the ultimate iPhone Exchange setup solution!

There is no substitute for a quality iPhone Exchange Setup Repair!  TechnoKOZ is your iPhone Exchange Repair Expert! After you search the entire net for the correct iPhone Exchange  sync answer, you will quickly realize that TECHNOKOZ is the leader when it comes to fixing all of these Microsoft 2003 / Microsoft 2007 Exchange Activeysnc setup issue(s).

Do not be FOOLED by high priced google ads that won’t get the job done!  TechnoKOZ charges a FLAT RATE $175.00 fee and remember, No sync, no Payment.  Yes, we do not charge if we can’t resolve your issue.  However, to this date there are no iPhone Exchange Activeysnc customer problems that we cannot solve.



Flat Rate iPhone Exchange Setup Solutions with a 100% money back guarantee!  


TechnoKOZ is the most affordable iPhone Exchange Setup Experts found anywhere for enterprise, small business, and IT Repair companies. Give us a call today: 480.440.4650 / Skype: TECHNOKOZ
…and remember NO SYNC, no payment!  

… Payment at the end of the call after a functioning iPhone & Exchange sync.


Recent Feedback from Matthew Patrick of Patrick Tax


What a valuable relationship to a small business like mine!  Robert and Technokoz are unbelievable. Knowledgeable, customer service focused, and responsive.  click, click, click, done…..what a great service!

iPhone Setup Suggestions to avoid

  1. Outlook Anywhere – RPC/HTTP : You will view this suggestion all the time on google.  Great way to connect your Outlook 2007/2003 clients to your server, but has nothing to do with ActiveSync.
  2. IMAP Port 143, 993. Old school.  You want Activesync working.  These ports are not necessary for Activesync.  Activesync works over TCP port 443
  3. Goddady, Verisign, etc. Certificate. A simple unsigned and unverified certificate is fine.  Save yourself some time, money, and frustration.  Go with a simple certificate.  If you want a valid certificate, opt for the Godaddy $13.00 special.  Google:   “Godaddy SSL”  you will see a Godaddy adword at the top advertising a $13.00 certificate.
  4. Install the certificate on the iPhone. This will make the situation worse.  Don’t do it.
  5. Exchange 2003 Does not Support iPhone. Nice try!  But the iPhone 2.0, 2.2, 3.0, 3.1 works perfectly with Microsoft Exchange  2003 Server.

TechnoKOZ is your Answer!

We perfectly understand your desire to fix the iPhone sync issue by yourself.  We do not care who we work with!

We have assisted:

  1. IT Repair companies:  Many….
  2. End users
  3. Business owners
  4. Nonprofits
  5. Banks / Credit Unions:   California CU
  6. City Government:  City of Imperial Beach, City of 29 Palms, County of Oklahoma
  7. School Systems:     Citrus County School System
  8. Large companies:  Little Debbies Snacks, Direct TV, Pictsweet Frozen Vegetables
  9. Small Businesses  MANY!!!

Our flat-rate of $175.00 iPhone Exchange 3.0g assistance will quickly resolve all of your sync issues without breaking the bank! So what are you waiting for? Call us @ 480-440-4650 Skype: TechnoKOZ

  1. We are easy to do business with: We require no advance payment.
  2. We will fix your iPhone 3G and Exchange Sync issue first, then ask for payment
  3. We work with you and you can see all of the changes
  4. There is no software to purchase
  5. All of the changes are of technical nature
  6. We have perform Front – End and Back – End Exchange 2003 / Exchange 2007 configurations, as well as, SBS (Small Business Server), Standard, and Enterprise Exchange servers.
  7. We are very experienced and are very careful as well. We take in account your existing software, such as BlackBerry Enterprise Servers and other Treo / Windows Mobile Devices

This offer won’t be around forever and you are under no obligation to prepay / pay, unless we fix your ActiveSync Exchange issue with your iphone(s). Once one phone is working… All Apple iPhone 3G will sync.

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