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iphone Battery life22 Aug 2008

iphone Battery life on the Iphone 3G has been problematic for most users.  We have had local customers here in Scottsdale, Tempe, Gilbert, Mesa, Chandler, Arizona & even remote users in California, Idaho, Texas, and Colorado complaining of the premature battery life.

There is two settings you can modify to improve your battery life to conserve energy:

  1. Turn off “Location Services” – found in SETTINGS | GENERAL | LOCATION SERVICES
  2. FETCH NEW DATA – Change the frequency of how often the iphone download email – found in SETTINGS | FETCH NEW DATA

Again, technoKOZ is here to help and assist iphone 3G users with their phones.  We are not only iphone / exchange experts, but have a broad array of service offerings.  Please review our main web site for further details  www.computerrepairservice.net



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