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  • No advance payment.

The long waited release of the new iPhone 3G S is here!! .
It comes with:
1. Speed!!! The S stands for speed, and that’s what you get! The iPhone 3G S is faster at loading applications and rendering Web pages
2. A better Camera. The new camera has a resolution of 3 megapixels
3. Better Graphics (including support for 3D graphics). This results in faster and more complex 3D games
4. Greener materials: Arsenic-free glass, BDF-free, Mercury-free LCD.
5. Better Battery Life
4. A magnetometer, A device inside the iphone that acts as a compass
5. Voice Control, You can control your iphone with simply the sound of your voice
6. Supports accessibility features, like zooming on text, inverting video, and voice over when you touch whatever text is on screen.

Price and availability

• $199 for 16GB version.
• $299 for 32GB version.
• Available on June 19th.

Remember, TechnoKOZ is here to assist you with solving your iPhone 3G S ActiveSync Setup issues. Contact us today: 480-440-4650 / Skype: TECHNOKOZ

FLAT Rate iPhone 3G Exchange Setup = $175.00

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