Best Rate iPhone Exchange Setup Solutions with a 100% money back guarantee!

(pay after the phone and exchange are working)

  • Flat Rate $175.00
  • No Sync.. No payment
  • No advance payment.

TechnoKOZ is here to solve your new iPhone 3.0 activesync issues. We understand how frustration the setup process can be. Plus, all of this finger pointing! AT&T says to call Apple, Apple says to call Microsoft, and even your Tech guy says to UPGRADE!!!

iPhone 3G S

Give us a call if you have any questions with the active-sync process 480-440-4650 / Skype: TECHNOKOZ

We are extending our hours servicing you the entire weekend, because the frustation level is there. We hope to resolve your issue QUICKLY! For one simple fee: $175.00 What are you waiting for? Give us a call right now.

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