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We are highlighting some erroneous iphone 2.0 and Exchange 2003 ActiveSync information found on a neighboring web site. “Looking for the solution for syncing your iphone with exchange server 2003. Here is some helpful information and links to some great sources out on the net:”

This site goes on to provide some bizzar steps on iPhone ActiveSync setup

1. Download Active Sync 4.5 if you havent already: Download Activesync Here

2. Install / Setup Activesync on your exchange 2003 server. How to do it – Exchange Active Sync Setup

3. Setup Your iphones:

a. Go to Setting, Mail, Add Account, Microsoft Exchange

b. Email address: your@email.com

Username: username

Password: exchange password

Display: Auto fill


if you are not using exchange 2007 then the iphone willl most likely not find you server automatically (and may not even with exchange 07). Go to the Server Field:

Instead of entering the server name (ie: mail.server.com) use the external ipaddress of your server. Refer again to step number 2 if you do not have the correct ports open on your firewall that are forwarding to your exchange server.

4. You should be done!

    A word from TechnoKOZ

1. Don’t need to download anything regarding ActiveSync and Exchange other than Service Pack 2 for Exchange from Microsoft’s site:

Iphone Exchange Service Pack 2 Download

2. This site is just trying to get you to click on their google ads.

It is too bad someone is trying to clog up google with worthless information. So if you see this disregard his post.

And the post on Apple’s Discussion forum where the person says: “Change the number of Sync days to no limit” will fix the cannot connect to server errors. Again, this is wrong.

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