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Trying to set up iPhone with Exchange Server?

We receive many iPhone setup calls each week where the customer states “I’m trying to get my work email on this phone, I don’t know if I should be going through Microsoft Exchange or a different way. Typically I am not totally clueless about what my exchange settings should be. I’ve tried going into the “add new account” and adding, Microsoft Exchange and I’ve also tried adding a POP and IMAP account, which I was unsuccessful in doing. I’ve also tried syncing with iTunes… I got my contacts, calendars, etc., but no such luck with email. I’m thinking that maybe I am not typing the correct things, or maybe that it just isn’t possible to do this on iPhone in general.


The iPhone Exchange Setup issues are different for each company that contacts our iPhone Setup Support line, but the THEME is the same.

Battle the iPhone Setup process for weeks with no solution.

These Exchange and iPhone users are persistent in their efforts to find a solution at ALL COST.

  1. Contact Apple Technical Support – Receive a polite well trained counselor who puts you on hold for 5 minutes — (Suggesting that they are referring your problem to senior engineers) then directs you to a web page to read a PDF installation document that informs you of steps already known. Then when you call back (all frustrated), they suggest that you should pay Apple Genius Support $300.00 for a senior technical engineer to tell you that your iPhone sync issue is a Microsoft Exchange problem. Nice try Apple Sauce.

  2. Search Google – 1,000+ Posts. Reading through many sites who just “republish” technical information from other sites to make the appearance that their site is legitimate. YET, the intention of the site is to sell you more BLING BLING for your new iphone. We did our own searching recently and we were chuckling over the fact that 98% of the post would not even get you close to a solution. Remember to backup your system before trying some of these posts. We have seen some very questionable suggestions that might create you a Bigger mess then you were bargaining for.

  3. Phone a Friend – Contact all of your friends – technicians in your circle. You will be amazed on the suggestions. Some will suggest going to 2007, because 2003 does not support iPhone 3.0 activesync (WRONG). Some will suggest getting a legitimate certificate from Verisign or godaddy (WRONG AGAIN). Most will say the process is very easy and it is currently working on three other servers, but does not know why your server is not working.

Lets face it NONE of these corporate giants and cell phone providers (Apple / AT&T / Rogers / O2 / Vodafone / want your iPhone and Exchange working. Otherwise, they would have provided you some simple instructions to follow. TechnoKOZ is here to fulfill this technical VOID.

Don’t be fooled by inferior iPhone Exchange Setup help

Most people contacting our support center are receiving the “connection to server failed message” on their new iPhone 3Gs phone for our FLAT RATE FEE of $175.00.

OK, If you have been reading all of these Apple iPhone 3Gs: Exchange account verification failed “blog” posts on the Internet, there are Techs who are trying to convince you that their iPhone Setup solution is “BEST”.

Well, here are some of the more common iPhone Exchange Setup Blog post “misconceptions” you should avoid.

1. You do not need to purchase a certificate from Verisign, Godaddy, etc. A simple self signed certificate will work.
2. DO NOT waste your time installing certificates on the 3G iphone. Again, I am not sure why people continue to instruct you to head this way.
3. Forget about RPC-HTTP. This has nothing to do with iPhone Activesync. We do think RPC-HTTP is a great connectivity tool for Outlook desktop client. But, having RPC working will not improve your OMA/ActiveSync for the iPhone 3G.
4. Do not change the server’s computer name!!! (Stange that someone would, but we have seen this two times now.)
5. Do not reset the anonymous password for the default web site!! (We have seen this 3 times now.)
5. These errors are confusing. Just make sure you have Service Pack 2 for exchange. This will solve 90 percent of your issues. If you want a guided setup tour. Check out our TechnoKOZ iPhone Setup Cook Book.

If in doubt, don’t follow the google suggestion. You will find out that your OWA (Outlook Web Access page will stop working, or worse people lose connectivity to your Microsoft Exchange 2003 / 2007 server)

Call TECHNOKOZ, first: 480.440.4650/ Skype: TECHNOKOZiPhone-Exchange-Setup

We are receiving many calls each week, because their iPhone Acitvesync stops working after 5 months in production.

There are many reasons why these new iPhone 2.0, 3.0gs units stop working. We can quickly identify the culprit and fix the activesync issue(s) quickly, so you can back to what drives your business. Remember, we don’t just solve the easy sync issues, but the most difficult issue as well.

Don’t let your iPhone Sync issues RUN YOU AGROUND!

iPhone 3.0gs setup

Immediate resolution and solution to your iPhone sync headaches:

  • TechnoKOZ is World renown Tier 3 provider ofiPhone and ActiveSync solutions.
  • We are not selling any product or software
  • We do not ask for payment in advance
  • Our engineers have real world experience solving the most difficult Exchange issues: Cluster, Enterprise, Standard, SBS (Small Business Server), Front End – Back End
  • We solve most iphone 3G – IIS/Exchange SP2 issues under 20 minutes.
  • Remember – we a solution! Does google search or Apple guarantee a solution?
  • End your stress and sit back and relax… Watching us solve your issue in 20 minutes
  • Give us a call today (FLAT RATE FEE of $175): 480.440.4650 // Skype: TECHNOKOZ

    You owe it to yourself to call us to day and end your stress.

    We can handle whatever you throw our way…..

    • Forms based
    • SSL / Non SSL
    • Front End (FE) – Back End (BE)
    • Windows 2003 SBS, Standard, Enterprise, Data Center Edition of Exchange
    • Windows 2000 Server with Exchange 2003
    • Cluster Servers
    • 30+ Exchange Server Farm
    • SonicWall
    • Cisco PIX
    • ISA Server
    • GFI, Trend Micro, Sophos, Symantec Mail Security for Exchange
    • Multiple Email addresses

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