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I repair many XP / Vista PC’s each day.  It is quite interesting to find numerous computer systems without a virus protection package or have expired virus subscription. 

Yet, people ask me, how come my virus package did not protect me from the “X” virus.  Well, first you would have to consider the user’s computer habits.  Are they a careless surfer, who just visit sites and indiscriminately clicking on links, not caring what they download.  Moreover, does he or she visit sites on emails referring them to an executable download? 

Whatever the case might be, most infected PC’s could have been prevented by just simply asking yourself, should I click on that link or read that email.  When in doubt, don’t do it.  Keep your hands off the trigger.  Don’t touch that Mouse and Don’t press the Enter key.   Regarding, the mass mailings we receive.  They are cute, but just remember that your email address will inevitably end up on a spammers HOT List, opening you up to more virus emails with crazy links. 

1. Enable a firewall on your computer, such as Microsoft Windows Firewall (Start | Control Panel | Firewall)  Review any exceptions from the Exceptions tab.  When in doubt, uncheck the exception.

2. Install a virus protectionsoftware.  If you want free, choose something like AVG Free Edition.  -Ensure your virus definitions are not out of date and your subscription is expired.

3. Backup your important data files regularly.  Consider an online backup system.  They are pennies on the dollar when you consider what it takes to replace Itune files, family vacation photos, wedding pictures, or pictures of Fido.

4. Get in the habit of not opening unsolicited emails.

5. Be wary of just any old utility download.  Be sure the link is coming from a major site or is recommended by a reputable source like ours before clicking on the download button.

If you do perhaps get a virus, make sure you take care of the computer problem right away.  Document:  1) when it happen – Date / Time 2) What are the symptoms 3) If you can remember What did you do? Visit site, etc.

Computer Virus repair takes time, especially if you want to eradicate the pesky bug permanently. I agree some are easier then others, but timing impacts the efficiency of the virus removal process.  

I would consider having a computer repair tech who charges a flat rate computer repair over one who charges by the hour (unless I need rapid mobile computer repair response — which you will pay a premium for.)

How many of you have  1) No virus protection software 2) Expired Virus Protection Subscription 3) No Windows Firewall  4) All of the above  



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