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TechnoKoz (Gilbert, Arizona): continues to solve some of the most mind boggling issues with the activesync (Microsoft Exchange 2003) and Apple iphone 3g.

Save yourself time.  Have us resolve your issue today!  

We agree there is many blog pages to search, but nobody is willing to walk you through a solution.  We will fulfill this void.  Just ask yourself one simple question, “Will I ever find the answer?”  Don’t let your exchange server and apple sync ruin your life. 

Contact us today!  480-440-4650.

  • Exchange sync works on EDGE/3G but not over WiFi – Solved
  • Exchange ActiveSync error 3005 – Solved!
  • Exchange account verification failed – Solved!
  • Unexpected Exchange mailbox Server error: Server: [server.appleiphone3g.com] User: [appleiphone3g@appleiphone3g.com] HTTP status code: [400]. Verify that the Exchange mailbox Server is working correctly.  Microsoft Exchange exchange-oma – ActiveSync   – Resolved!!!
  • Customers with Windows 2000 Server + Exchange 2003 — Resolved. 
  • Customers with Windows 2003 + Exchange Server 2003 + multiple web sites — Resolved.   
  • Customers with Windows 2003 + Microsoft Exchange 2003 + No Certificate — Resolved. 
  • Customers With Windows 2003 + Exchange 2003  + With Certificate — Resolved
  • Customers with Small Business Server 2003 + Microsoft Exchange 2003 + with Cert – Resolved
  • Customers with Microsoft Small Business Server 2003 + Exchange 2003 + no Cert – Resolved
  • Sync to NULL problem — Resolved!
  • Certificate loading problem  – Resolved!
  • Exchange Account not verified issue — Resolved!
  • Exchange Sync + Receive folder list (Contacts, Emails, Calendar) — but no messages – Resolved!
  • older iphone upgrades from 1.1.X to 2.0 — Syn is working now!  Contacts, Emails, Calendar, etc to the exchange server – Resolved!
  • Windows 2003 – iphone 3g sync in the office (wifi) and out of the office (ATT&T) – exchange active sync – Email contacts, calendar

Remember —  We collect no credit information (NO BILL!) until we fix your iphone 3g Sync issue to your Microsoft Windows 2003 Exchange Server.  

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