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Numerious companies across the world are still having troubles connecting iPhone(s) 3G to Microsoft Exchange. Whatever settings they try and use, they typically get the following message viewing their inbox:

“Cannot Get Mail The connection to the server failed.”

1. They have tried viewing https://iphone_exchange.com/exchange and https://iphone_exchange.com/oma on the iPhone using Safari and login using the same credentials they are trying to use with Mail settings.

2. Installed a 3rd party SSL certificate for iphone_exchange.com used above. (Godaddy, Verisign)

3. Opened all relevant ports and pointing to the Windows 2003 Exchange server IP eg. 443, 993, 25, 143.

4. They have even managed to successfully connect their iPhone to Microsoft Exchange 2003 box using IMAP

Why do we know all of this information?

Because we solved their solution and allowed them to get back to where they belong…. Driving their business and making real money, instead of solving Exchange – iPhone sync issues.

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