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(pay after the phone and exchange are working)

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  • No Sync.. No payment
  • No advance payment.

OK, If you have been reading all of these “blog” posts on the Internet, there are Techs who are trying to convince you that their iPhone Setup solution is “BEST”.

Well, here are some of the common “misconceptions”.

1. You do not need to purchase a certificate from Verisign, Godaddy, etc. A simple self signed certificate will work.
2. DO NOT waste your time installing certificates on the 3G iphone. Again, I am not sure why people continue to instruct you to head this way.
3. Forget about RPC-HTTP. This has nothing to do with iPhone Activesync. We do think RPC-HTTP is a great connectivity tool for Outlook desktop client. But, having RPC working will not improve your OMA/ActiveSync for the iPhone 3G.
4. These errors are confusing. Just make sure you have Service Pack 2 for exchange. This will solve 90 percent of your issues. If you want a guided setup tour. Check out our TechnoKOZ iPhone Setup Cook Book.

There are more people experiencing issues like “Connection to server failed.”

We recently solved a customer with:
Windows SBS 2003 – Exchange 2003 (SP2)
DSL connection
When we began our test process, OMA, Active-Sync, OWA, Microsoft-Server-ActiveSync all worked.

One of their users had a large mailbox – 700MB in size. They were using the original iPhone v1 and they updated it to 3G firmware. They were receiving the “Connection to the server failed” message.

We Create a new Exchange mailbox account for a test user. This new account could connect to the new iPhone and send, receive email. Yet, when we tried importing email messages into this Test exchange mailbox account, the test account stopped working. (No more sync)

We solved this difficult issue. So, if you are faced with similar issues, or have questions, please give us a call today! We will provide you a quick solution. 480.440.4650

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