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OK, maybe these aren’t the bunny pictures you were intending on seeing, but it should strike a cleaning sensations in your mind, regarding the cleanliness of your “computer”.  After all you might be harboring dust mites in your PC case.  I suggest cleaning the inside of your computer every six months.  The process is simple.  Just unplug your computer and move it  to the outside of your house.  Open the computer case and blow the dust away using a can of canned air.

PC Dust

On another note,  PC Repair customers always ask me how they should turn off their XP computer system?  Well, I suggest that everyone apply the energy-wise green philosophy.  That is, if it isn’t being used, shut the computer down.  Leaving your system on 24/7 will place greater strain then powering on and off several times a day.  Computer components have a statistical benchmark before failing.  Why waste electricity and heat your house?

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