Best Rate iPhone Exchange Setup Solutions with a 100% money back guarantee!

(pay after the phone and exchange are working)

  • Flat Rate $175.00
  • No Sync.. No payment
  • No advance payment.

Yes the World, you have been duped again.  Apple Executives are sitting on the solution to all of your Windows 2003 and ActiveSync solutions, but they are unwilling to listen.  Remeber you are just a pond of ducks. We have the story… 

It appears their own marketing scheme is starting to backfire.   They continue their own crusade claiming there is a lack of interest from Corporate America regarding this iPhone and Exchange activesync issues. 

Current options:

  • Apple Technical Support = a polite tech who will just point you to a web document with no solution.
  • Expert Exchange blog posting boards = 3,000 techs but no real world experience solving these issues microsoft exchange and iphone issues — Most want you to install a certificate on the iphone?????
  • Google,  your only viable solution, but there again, you are risking your entire day and integretity on a Internet post that will probably create a bigger mess for you to solve.   — The general solution theme continues to be — buy a Godaddy certificate to solve your iPhone Sync issue — NOT!!!!! Don’t do it. – You don’t need a REAL SSL cert to solve your OMA/ActiveSync issue
  • Good new..  There is a dawn of a new day! 

    Immediate resolution and solution to your iPhone sync headaches: 

    • TechnoKOZ is World renown Tier 1 provider of iPhone and ActiveSync solutions.
    • We are not selling any product or software   
    • We do not ask for payment in advance
    • Our engineers have real world experience solving the most difficult Exchange issues: Cluster, Enterprise, Standard, SBS (Small Business Server), Front End – Back End
    • We solve most iphone 3G – IIS/Exchange SP2 issues under 20 minutes.
    • Remember – we  a solution!  Does google search or Apple guarantee a solution?
    • End your stress and sit back and relax… Watching us solve your issue in 20 minutes

    Give us a call today:  480.440.4650  // Skype:  TECHNOKOZ

    You owe it to yourself to call us to day and end your stress.  We will be open again this weekend solving iphone and Exchange issues.

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