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Apple released iPhone 3G firmware 2.2 update via iTunes last night.  It appears there is still no relief for those corporate users who were hoping for a Microsoft 2003 / 2007 Exchange Sync setup solution.

The highlights of the 2.2 firmware version are:

  • Google Street View – Google Maps now supports their street view feature. Enabling users to see 360-degree view of locations taken with cameras mounted on Google’s cars.
  • Google Walking Directions – Google Maps now integrates information for our public transit users, such as bus stops, subway connections, etc.
  • Email Fetch Schedule – A major bug fix
  • Safari Web Browser  – Minor enhancements and bug fixes
  • PODcast downloads – Can now be performed over WIFI or over the air using 3G network without a PC itunes download.
  • Auto Correction –  Now can disable auto correction on the virtual touch keyboard
  • Phone Quality –  Improved quality – Dropped Calls & Voice Mail Quality

iPhone Exchange Phone

For our Enterprise users using Microsoft Exchange 2003 / Microsoft Exchange 2007 –It’s OUCH AGAIN!! – you don’t reap any benefits from this latest update.  You still have a major list of unsupported features:

  • Only the inbox can be set to synchronize – sub-folders can be accessed 
  • No Flagging on email 
  • Cannot set Out of Office message 
  • No Hot Keys for managing messages 
  • No support for Activesync Schedule (eg. push during work hrs – pull outside of that) 
  • No Smart Filtering 
  • No ability to change sort order of email messages 
  • No support for Server Search of email messages 
  • Trying to delete messages or move them when you don’t have connectivity generates lots of errors messages and you cannot actually delete or move when offline 
  • Message status is not set on the server for replying/forwarding to an email, similarly the status from the server is not provided to the iPhone 
  • You cannot automatically set attachments to download 
  • There is no control over maximum attachment size 
  • You can’t see the number of unread or new emails without ’slide’ – unlocking the device 
  • No ability to invite attendees to a meeting 
  • You cannot provide a reason for declining meetings 
  • Attendee status is not available 
  • There is no click through to get access to information from the GAL for a participant 
  • No support for setting Out of Office message 
  • You cannot delete a single occurrence of a recurring meeting – you can only delete the whole series
  • Cannot enforce Storage or device encryption 
  • Remote wipe is not immediate (Takes about 2 hours) and restore requires a brief re-cradling exercise to iTunes
  • PIN unlock timeout is not enforced on the iPhone 
  • You have to ‘slide’ to unlock – then enter the PIN code to unlock the device 
  • Difficult to get to Global Address List

Our Exchange – ActiveSync repair service is not just limited to USA customers we do solve issues around the world!  So, don’t be shy, we assist everyone.   Call us today:  480.440.4650 / Skype: TECHNOKOZ


Here are some recent International customers we have solved!

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  2. Sydney, New South Wales, Australia – iphone connection to the server failed
  3. Southampton, United Kingdom – microsoft Windows exchange iphone sync null
  4. Auckland, New Zealand – oma iphone exchange server
  5. Bangalore, Karnataka, India – how to setup an microsoft 2003 exchange server for iphone

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