Best Rate iPhone Exchange Setup Solutions with a 100% money back guarantee!

(pay after the phone and exchange are working)

  • Flat Rate $175.00
  • No Sync.. No payment
  • No advance payment.

TechnoKOZ has done it again!  Wow! We never realized the interest we would generate just by a simple post on ActiveSync and MS Exchange.  We are now receiving more  interest from new LG Incite & Nokia in addition to our existing iPhone 3G FANS!!! 



iPhone Exchange

We will be open AGAIN the WEEKEND!!! 


 Do you realize we can fix your iPhone and Exchange ActiveSync issues within one simple and short phone call?  (30 Minutes or LESS for most issues)
Ask yourself, “Is it really worth my TIME to continue to search for the “fix” when I can have a solution within minutes?” (We are REALLY GOOD at what we do!)

iPhone Exchange sync 

Is this truly good use of your time?


If you are typically a person who can solve 99.99% of the problems and you still cannot solve this one, (We understandWe have been there too).  

But, think about your past, when was there a time where a company would solve your issues for a FLAT RATE…….and   Require no payment in advance. (We are easy to do business with!)

We collect no credit information (NO BILL!) until we fix your iphone 3g Sync issue to your Microsoft Windows 2003 Exchange Server.  

Remember — We are iPhone ActiveSync / Exchange Experts  – we WILL get your iPhone and Exchange working correctly.  (You are HIRING EXPERTS not rookies)

Fair price for a great solution.   

We have major companies, who are seeking our expertise.  Banking, Financial, Health care, Retail, etc.   East Coast, West Coast, Central, South, Canadian customers as well.   We are not partial to who we help either.  We have solved problems for TEN major IT firms as well. 


iPhone Exchange

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