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Flat Rate iPhone Exchange Setup Solutions with a 100% money back guarantee!  


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We recently inquired with Apple’s technical group, regarding connection issues with the iPhone 3G to a Microsoft Exchange server.  The default Exchange option “Exchange” from the main setup screen is no longer using IMAP to communicate to an Exchange Server.  Apple is now using Microsoft Exchange OMA (Active Sync).  Ok, this is improved technology,  integration, security etc. for Apple iPhone. However, if you have a corrupted SSL certificate on your Exchange server, or have no installed Certificate, you will not be able to access your Exchange server through ActiveSync. Even though there is an option to turn off encryption, this setting, Non-encryption is not supported.  So, if you need to run your iPhone 3g without certificates, you will need to use the old IMAP route, selecting other during the configuration process.


Apple iPhone 3G Deer in the Headlights

Otherwise, you will have to invest some time and technology to configure a certificate on you Exchange server and open up 443, for OMA ActiveSync.

There is a prerequisite document on the Apple web site, which also instructs the network admin to open Port 443 on the edge firewall.   So, it appears Apple want to keep everything secure?  No support for non ssl OMA connections?

Here are some steps to test your OMA configuration of your Exchange server.

 From the outside of your network, from home, use IE (Internet explorer) and open the following:


  • You will have to use the dns name of your exchangeserver.  (in my example, I used mail.domainserver.com — please substitute your domain information into this field.)
  • You might receive a certificate error, if so, please continue. 
  • You will be prompted for your user id and password, please input your exchange server user id and password.  


If everything worked, you should receive a screen with the following information:  The device type you are using is not supported. Press Ok to continue.Ok
Ok, and do not warn me again


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 If you require more assistance, please contact us via our TechnoKOZ – Gilbert, AZ Computer Repair Company.

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