Best Rate iPhone Exchange Setup Solutions with a 100% money back guarantee!

(pay after the phone and exchange are working)

  • Flat Rate $175.00
  • No Sync.. No payment
  • No advance payment.

Each day we solve sync issues for companies who have been battling this sync issue for the past week.  Yest there are still more of you battling this crazy sync issue.  Most of the people are very technical, who have tried hundreds of combinations to fix this Apple Iphone + Exchange sync issue.  Some have the Forms based issue.  Some have the SSL Encryption issue.  Some have the sync null issue.  Some have the iphone displaying all of their folders, but no emails.  The list just continues.   I ask you, why continue searching for “the next” answer, when you can call us to resolve your issue.  WORST case.  BOOK mark this page, when you have reached your last pressure point.   

We will resolve your issue!  Call us 480-440-4650.     $175.00 is not much considering how much time you have already wasted.   Sit back, relax and have our engineers correct your problem.  Guaranteed results.

We have solved iPhone 3g Sync issues for many corporate accounts.  We require no additional software to purchase to solve your issue.  We can resolve your issue remotely and you can view our simple changes to enable the communcation to your iPhone from your Windows Exchange Server.


Call us today, we will resolve your iPhone Exchange sync issue! 


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