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Just when the fireworks ended, computer problems begin.   First, I received a call from my cousin, the Martinez’s, who reside in beautiful city Maricopa, Arizona.  They were having troubles connecting to their Netgear wireless access point from a Vista Home laptop PC.  After 10 minutes of monkeying around, a decision was made to allow me to remotely access their computer through the LOGMEIN service.  I had them follow the beautiful instructions found on my Computer Repair Service blog page (http://computerrepairservice.net/blog/remote-tele-computing-via-logmein/).  While remotely accessing their PC, I had  him reset his Netgear access point to factory defaults by pressing the reset button on the back of the wireless router for about 10 seconds.  Afterwards, I was able to log into his Netgear access point using the default user id and password of userid=admin  password =password .  Then I established the SSID and created a wep key.   Amazingly enough within 10 minutes, he was back up and running again on his Vista Laptop using the new WEP key from his Netgear router.

5 Minutes later, an excellent computer business repair customer contacted me from Chino, California reporting his clone pc would not boot after installing windows service pack3.  He was receiving the blue screen upon boot.  He tried unsuccessfully booting to “last known good configuration” and “safe mode”.  Both modes did not work.  I searched Google and found one person experiencing similar issues after installing SP3 with a mouse driver conflict.  So, I had him remove all computer hardware connected to his PC, including mouse, keyboard, printers, etc.  One more reboot, but still no success.  This time, I had him boot from his Windows XP Home Installation CD.  I had him select the Recovery Repair Console.  I had him type chkdsk /r from the console to locate bad sectors and recover readable information.    Computer is booting again.    Now, I can go back to relaxing in my chair on my front porch, while enjoying some nicely squeezed lemonade.  It is so beautiful to watch my young children play at our local Morrison Ranch park.  Definitely a nice break from computer repair work in Gilbert, AZ.


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